More photos of the village

These are photos that were taken about 1 year ago. the village is a very cute place!

100_1604 100_1562 100_1570 100_1605 100_1608 100_1611 100_1613 100_1618 100_1619 la foto (2) la foto-001 la foto-002

8 thoughts on “More photos of the village

  1. John

    The village has had a cold and rainy winter, everything is very green now and there is moss growing on all the old rock walls. Everyone says that it’s more rain than normal and all want a sunny day or two to dry out… That would be nice.

  2. Laura

    How beautiful is this village! I love imagining you here. So thankful to God that you have heat now! Ouch!
    We are rejoicing with you for the time spent with the kids and grandkids! You are blessed by God, John and Bobbie!
    We’re so grateful for the work that you’re doing to get the gospel out! Glory to God! Love you guys! Lb & Db

    1. pearsonsprogress Post author

      Thank you dear Laura. We are praying for you both as you leave for Ecuador! Hugs!

    1. pearsonsprogress Post author

      Hi Deb! Yes, it’s a cute little village and when the weather is nice, it’s fun to take a walk or work in the garden. You lived in Belgium didn’t you?


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