A New Washing Machine & A Special Blessing!


After a frustrating day yesterday, we have our NEW washing machine but the best part was how our home-church, Grace Community, took the initiative to write to us and tell us that they would pay for it! Can you imagine the joy we felt?!  We were so amazed to see how the Lord blessed us through these dear saints with a ‘positive’ after a day which didn’t start out so well.

Here is a look at our new blessing! Thank you Grace Church Family!

The brand of washer "Haier" was economical.

The brand of washer
“Haier” was economical & good.

John and Jesus, putting in the new washer.

John and Jesus, putting in the new washer.

My 1st load is already in!

My 1st load is already in! It has a 7 kg capacity.


  1. Jesseka

    what a good gift the Lord gave you and so encouraging.

    1. pearsonsprogress (Post author)

      Yes, it is such a good gift and so unexpected. It just blessed our tired hearts.

  2. Jerusha

    That is awesome news! The Lord really provided and I’m so glad that you are up and running again with your laundry situation :)

    1. pearsonsprogress (Post author)

      Isn’t it?! It was such a surprise to us! You know that I wash EVERYDAY and upkeep of laundry is very important to me. We are so thankful!

  3. Susie

    It really blesses us to see the Blessings you recieve. We rejoice
    with you!

  4. Judy Hollingsworth

    So happy for you!!


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