My solution to make my housework “lighter”


housecleaning   I have learned over the years that keeping up on my housework is a whole lot easier if I do this one thing…

when I go into a room, I always try to leave it cleaner than when I went in. Sometimes in rooms like the powder room, it’s just a matter of washing a few spots off the mirror or using a Clorox wipe to keep door knobs,or  handles disinfected. In larger rooms, there always seems to be something to return to it’s proper place or dust and grim to be wiped up. I also like to carry a damp cleaning rag as  walk though the house to wipe the dust off of surfaces or the tops of pictures on the wall. After all, I’m walking through anyway and I might a well keep the dirt and sticky bits at a minimum. This is particularly helpful for those times when children are in the house and it makes clean up a lot easier.    Anything to save my aching back, I’m in favor of!


  1. Jerusha

    I love these tips! That’s a very efficient way to do things.

  2. Susie

    Yes, but my problem is that I forget what I was going after when I walk through the room.
    Could it be my age, or do I just get a bit side-tracked? Maybe both…

  3. Judy Hollingsworth

    I do this for keeping things put away, but cleaning? I would have to stash cleaning rags around the house! This is such a great idea that I have to figure out how to do it myself!!

    1. pearsonsprogress (Post author)

      Yes, New habits… always push us to learn new tricks!


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