Village Olive Oil

May 1, 2014 by     4 Comments    Posted under: blessings, Blogroll, food, Spain

Boy I wish I could share this with you so you could taste this green gold. The olive oil processing company here in the village has been working overtime to process the last harvest and here is the result. I bought 3  – 5 liter jugs of this precious stuff from a neighbor. We go through a lot of this and making 1 Spanish tortilla takes about 1/2 liter of oil.

100_3196    100_3197

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  • great olive oil. It makes excellent french fries!

    • Yes it does! I’ll have to put that on the docket!

  • Would love to try it. Wonder how different it tastes from what I’m used to!

    • It’s really lovely… “intenso” & very green in color. Full of flavor! Don’t be fooled with Italian olive oil as most of it comes from Spain and labeled as Italian. As you know oil in Spain is sold in “grades” depending on what you cook.

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