Lisbon Retreat

Here are some photos of our wonderful time in Lisbon. We had a lovely breakfast and then we drove into the village resort called Caparica and took long walks and one day we bought a lunch out. What a bargain that was! John had the pork roast with french fries and rice for only 3,50€! I had the fish. It was crowded with local workers and we had a great time sitting outside chatting.

The retreat was a blessing and a wonderful rest.


Retreat. What a blessing!

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2 thoughts on “Lisbon Retreat

  1. Laura

    Wow! so blessed to hear all that God provided for you! Praise God! Can you put your prayer letter email on this blog? It gave such a beautiful picture of what this group provided, through the Christian Hospitality Network. Amazing!
    So grateful for times of refreshment for you!
    XO XO


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